Beauty Experiments
I'm trying to construct a useful phonemic morphing system for listening comprehension.
In order to do that, I need a spokesmodel, so I'm creating one in CG form.

Other Animations

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Traditional vs Simplified Characters

typing characters
Typing Characters

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The Evolution of Characters

math game
Chinese Math Game



Watch The Animation names

Your input is welcomed in this research.

None of the images on this page are of real people. They are all created through a combination of 

1) corrected compositing (items such as hair or eyes are dragged whole from other images and manipulated in situ) 

2) morphing (blending and warping percentages of features from other images), and 

3) CG (computer-generating facial parts in 3D animation software). 

When I've settled on a model, I will be able to use it to speak sentences. But I'm looking for feedback on which features are most attractive, interesting, engaging, arresting, attention-getting, or beautiful. 

Please feel free to vote for images you find most positive. If you have an interest in how beauty is perceived by humans, I'd recommend the University of Regensberg Psychology Department's morphing research page: Perception of Beauty Research

Thanks for your input.

                     blue                                                 green                                              brown 

                   cat's eye                                             grey                                               yellow

                        ice                                         blue window glare                                   natural

                     purple                                              yellow                                             green

                      black                                             scarlet                                             copper